Sharif I. Carter is the artist and founder of StageLeftArt, a company he created to incorporate his artwork with his passion for interior design.

For 10 years, Sharif participated in exhibitions, gallery shows, and live painting events, filling his home with over 150 works of art. By this time, StageLeftArt was born, whose name is derived from Sharif being left-handed and the theatrical saying “Exit Stage Left”.

Violating traditional methods, Sharif paints with an unusual technique of opaque watercolors on wood panels. His art possesses mesmerizing fluidity and a feeling as if subjects dance across canvas.

You’ll find Sharif’s work gracing the labels of award winning wines or illuminating the walls of fine restaurants and salons, but his true passion lies in live painting at nightclubs, bars, or any place where the atmosphere is electric and music fills the air. In his words, “the ultimate art studio”.